A Collection of Old Photographs and Postcards


Mayfield High Street circa 1900
Mayfield High Street 1907
A Distant View Of Mayfield by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 1783
Old Shell Garage in Smithy by Rose & Crown
Chapel for St Mary's in the Field Children's Home
Charity Cottages Fletching Street ca 1900
WW1 - cavalry troop passing along the High Street
WW1 - cavalry resting on Court Meadow
WW1 - 30 young recruits having been called up
WW2 - Messerschmitt 109 shot down at Knowle Farm, Mayfield
Court Meadow (part) in 1935

Graeme Hughes, from New Zealand, has left a memory stick of the paintings made by his grandfather before emigrating to New Zealand.


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